Baby B. Muscat | Oman Newborn Photographer

This is a bitter sweet post to write.

When I embarked on this professional journey in 2010, newborns were the dearest to my heart. I spent hours, all my creative juices and not to mention a lot of money learning the art of newborn photography.  As many of you might have known, I took 2016 off from client commissions and concentrated on creative growth in my personal photography, taking on personal short and long term projects.

After much thinking and self discovery, I have decided to re-route my path and pursue new steps into an exciting territory that I found passion in.   I would hope that you will continue to follow my journey to wherever it may lead.

I am very grateful for each and every parent who has trusted me with their newborn and allowed me to create unique memories that will forever be part of your child’s visual history.

With much love, I shall say goodbye for now.


I introduce to you my first nephew born April 2017 and my last newborn session.

A unique special experience for me, I was able to document the entire birthing journey from my sister’s early labour signs, in the comfort of  her home, to following her to the hospital through admissions and finally documenting the birth of my beautiful little nephew.

A photography dream of mine and a forever lasting memory to my dear sister, Ruba.

Welcoming Baby B into OUR world!






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